Turn your MS-DOS computer into a great programming environment

C/Utilities Toolchest

The C/Utilities Toolchest adds over 40 powerful UNIX® utilities to your MS-DOS® operating system. The result is an environment very similar to UNIX operating systems, yet 100% compatible with MS-DOS® programs and commands. Besides increasing your productivity, C/Utilities Toolchest gives you a very inexpensive way to learn how UNIX operating systems work. The C/Utilities Toolchest contains three ready-to-run sets of tools including:

  1. Text Processing Utilities
  2. File Management Utilities
  3. An MS-DOS version of the UNIX Bourne Shell.

The Text Processing utilities include programs like grep and sed for performing powerful string search and edit operations within text files. File Management includes programs like mv and cp for moving or copying files with simple wild-card specifications. The Bourne Shell includes an interactive batch processing language for carrying out detailed operations with a single command. You also receive a comprehensive 350 page manual containing clear descriptions of the utilities, and lots of example program scripts for use with the Bourne Shell. As an option, we've made the C source code for each set of tools available for use with the PowerC®, Turbo C® and Microsoft® C compilers. Even better, we've made it all very affordable.

The price is US$ 19.95 and includes executable versions of all the programs plus a printed manual. Source for each group of utilities is US$ 10.00.

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