C/Utilities Toolchest

The C/Utilities Toolchest includes MS-DOS versions of over 40 UNIX® operating system utilities and an MS-DOS version of the UNIX Bourne Shell. You can use the utilities in whole or in part. Combined with the Bourne Shell, these utilities turn MS- DOS into a powerful programming environment that has the look and feel of a UNIX operating system. Since all MS-DOS commands and programs work as usual, you enjoy the best of both operating systems. The C/Utilities Toolchest contains three sets of tools.

  1. Text Processing Utilities
  2. File Management Utilities
  3. The Bourne Shell

The executable programs in all three sets are included with the C/Utilities Toolchest. If you need to modify any of the programs, or if you simply want to see how they're designed, you may optionally purchase the C source code. The source code for each set is available separately.

Text Processing Utilities

The text processing utilities are programs that give you a more advanced way to examine, manipulate, and print the contents of files.

File Management Utilities

The file management utilities are programs that provide you with a more powerful wild-card capability for maintaining files and directories.

The Bourne Shell

The Bourne Shell is a more sophisticated command processor that supports a full-featured language with For, Case, If-Then-Else, While, Until, and over 25 other built-in commands. Also included are the following related utilities.

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