Mix C/Math Toolchest

Technical Specifications:

The C/Math Toolchest (TM) library contains over 135 of the most often used functions in science and engineering. hlso included is GRAFIX (TM), a graphical data analysis program. Prebuilt libraries are included for the DOS versions of the C and C++ compilers from Mix ®, Borland ®, and Microsoft ®. For other compilers or operating systems, you must purchase the C/Math Library Source to build the library. You may also purchase the source code for the GRAFIX (TM) program. The C/Math GRAFIX Source is approximately 5000 lines of C code, 60% of which is a general purpose text and graphics library that can be used by your own programs.

Mathematics Functions

Complex Arithmetic

Matrix and Vector Arithmetic

Probability and Statistics

Numerical Analysis

Signal Processing

Input and Output


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