Turn your C/C++ compiler into a powerful scientific programming tool...

C/Math Toolchest

Now you can develop sophisticated scientific and engineering applications using your favorite C or C++ compiler. With a broad range of mathematical functions, the C/Math Toolchest (TM) gives C as much number crunching power as FORTRAN. More than 135 functions provide support for:


To graphically view the results of your number crunching, we've also included GRAFIX (TM), a graphical data analysis program. The GRAFIX (TM) program makes it easy to edit, plot, interpolate, or perform regression analysis of your data.

You may also purchase the C source code for the library and GRAFIX (TM) program. The C/Math Library Source works with any ANSI standard C or C++ compiler. The C/Math GRAFIX Source works with the C and C++ compilers from MIX (R), Borland (R), and Microsoft (R). Prebuilt libraries for the DOS versions of these compilers are included with the C/Math Toolchest.


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