Version updates for the C/Database Toolchest

These archives contain all of the source changes required to go from one version to the next. Changed files are included for all supported platforms, so a few of the source files may not apply to you. You can simply ignore the extra files as they will not be used when you build the libraries.

To install, change to the directory in which you installed the C/Database toolchest. Then unZIP with "pkunZIP -d" to unpack the files into the appropriate places. If you need pkunZIP for DOS, Win32 or OS/2, you can download it from many ftp sites. Linux users can use infoZIP to unpack.

Once the changes are installed, you should rebuild the libraries using your favorite C or C++ compiler. You can use the MAKEISAM.BAT, etc batch files to do this. If you do not want to rebuild the libraries yourself, we offer update disks with prebuilt libraries and all source changes for US$ 5.00.

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