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C/Database Toolchest

For programs that manage large amounts of data, you need tools that can efficiently organize and access that data. The C/Database Toolchest provides these tools for your C and C++ programming projects.

Both C and C++ libraries are included so you can choose the most appropriate interface for your applications. Whether you choose C or C++, the interface is very simple to use.

The libraries provide a complete set of database management functions. More than 150 functions support file operations such as create, open, and close; and record operations such as add, find, modify, and delete. Example programs clearly illustrate how each function is used.

In multi-user or network environments, multiple programs can share the same database. An entire database, or individual records may be locked to temporarily block access by other programs.

Records may contain any number of string, numeric, and binary fields. Numeric values may be stored in string or binary format to maximize portability or efficiency. Strings are automatically stored as variable-length fields to minimize the amount of disk space required.

Indexes give you control over how your data is organized and accessed. Fast record access is achieved through an advanced B+tree indexing algorithm. Any number of indexes may be created from any combination of record fields. The LDM database manager provides an easy way to interactively create and edit databases. Also included are tools for viewing and compressing databases, and for converting to and from dBASE® format data files.

Four Platforms Supported:

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US $49.95 for first platform (manual + disk with full source code)
US $10.00 for each additional platform (disk only with full source code)

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