C and C++ Source Code Formatter

Have you ever worked with a library or someone else's C or C++ code? Why not reformat that code to your style? Now you can use the source code formatter the professionals use.

Format C & C++ source code exactly the way you want it. C-Clearly will format any C or C++ program to your preferred style in a matter of seconds.

C-Clearly is easy to use. C-Clearly's style templates are a snap to modify, since they resemble the C source code you edit into your preferred format. Templates are included for several common styles as well as standard K & R.

Listings can also be created with function names and comments highlighted for improved readability. Listing options include linenumbers, flowlines, and headers & footers.

C-Clearly is ideal for making obtuse code clear. It allows all of your source code to be presented in a consistent format of your choosing. It is also great for code walk-through and final documentation listings.


Works with all IBM PC, XT, AT, PS12 and compatibles, with 512K RAM, PC or MS-DOS. Automatically processes all include files and preprocessor statements. ANSI-C compatible.

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