Energize your DOS Applications with a Windows-Style Interface

C/WinDOS Toolchest

Are your DOS applications starting to show signs of age? If so, it's time to do some remodeling. With our C/WinDOS Toolchest you can easily create interfaces for your DOS applications that are similar to Microsoft Windows applications.

Two simple function calls are all it takes to create movable, resizable windows, complete with scroll bars and other standard controls; including minimize, maximize, restore, and menu buttons. A wide variety of other controls are also available; including push buttons, radio buttons, and check boxes.

Of course there is extensive support for menus. Create horizontal and vertical menus with or without scroll bars. Arrange menu items in single or multiple rows or columns. Attach a sub-menu to any menu item. For collecting user input, you get a comprehensive set of functions to manage data entry fields. Collect data one field at a time, or all at once thorough complete data entry forms. Use picture clauses to build data entry templates. Valid input may be enforced automatically, or you can define your own input validation functions.

Handling mouse input is easy. There are numerous high level mouse functions, including one that retrieves all mouse events and keystrokes. Mouse input is handled automatically by control buttons, menus, and data entry fields. Low level mouse functions are also provided just in case you need them.

In all, the C/WinDOS Toolchest contains more than 250 functions to help you design a state-of-art user interface. Included are functions for implementing context sensitive help, keyboard control, and graphics. You also receive the complete source code for a multi-window 'Notepad' editor that works in both text and graphics mode. C/WinDOS Toolchest works with C and C++ compilers from Mix, Borland, Microsoft and Watcom.

The price is US$ 39.95 for the library with a 700 page printed manual. Source for the library is US$ 10.

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