The Power C Trace Debugger

Power Ctrace is a state-of-the-art C debugger that provides you with the most information about your program with the least fuss. Power Ctrace reduces the time you spend debugging your C programs by at least a factor of 10. With Power Ctrace, you work smarter instead of harder. Actually, using Power Ctrace is so much fun that debugging doesn't even feel like work anymore.

Power Ctrace shows you 7 windows of program information: 1) C source statements, 2) screen output, 3) variables, 4) watch points, 5)memory, 6) symbols, and 7) assembly instructions. You can view a single window or as many as 4 windows at the same time. Eight predefined window arrangements are available at the press of a key, or you can design your own.

Power Ctrace is loaded with many other advanced features. Power Ctrace automatically displays all of your variables (including arrays and structures), saving you from having to remember and type their names. The virtual output window lets you see the screen output from your program while simultaneously viewing any of the other windows. Interruptible input allows you to get control even while your program is reading input from the keyboard. Backwards tracing gives you the ability to trace backwards through the execution path.

With all its advanced features, the single most important feature of Power Ctrace is simple operation. With Power Ctrace, you won't waste any time trying to understand or remember cryptic commands. A single keystroke is all it takes. Help screens show you which key to press and pop-up menus list your options. Invest just 10 minutes of your time with Power Ctrace now, and you'll save hours from now on.

The Power C Trace debugger is only $19.95

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