The Waite Group's Master C

Computer-Based Training for the IBM PC

Master C is a computer based training system designed to teach you how to program in C. It's effectively a book on a disk, utilizing the power of the computer to present the material in a more interesting and intelligent fashion.

The Master C disk guides you through all the essential C topics-from data types to pointers and data structures. It teaches you, quizzes you, notices problems you are having, and recommends action. A sophisticated answer judgment technique accepts rough responses and even misspellings. Master C features windows, an on-line glossary, a calculator, and electronic bookmarks, and it keeps track of student scores for classroom use.

The Master C book provides lessons you can use when you're away from your computer, and it features a reference section that explains the use and syntax of every keyword and function in C.

Master C allows you to study the C language in a free- form, non-linear manner. You select a topic of interest from a table of contents, then Master C presents the material on screen. As you read the text, Master C periodically asks questions to determine your understanding of the topic. If you answer incorrectly, Master C presents the appropriate text for review, then tests your understanding once again.

Using this technique, Master C has proven to he a very effective teacher. In a pilot study at IBM, students using Master C retained 19% more knowledge than students who learned from a lecturer.

System Requirements: An IBM PC or 100%-compatible computer, a 384K system memory, DOS 3.0 or later, a hard disk and 5.25" or 3.5" floppy-disk drive, and a monochrome or color adaptor. Note: Master C does NOT work with DRDOS.

Master C by Mitchell Waite, Stephen Prata and Rex Woollard
List Price: $44.95
Discount Price: $29.95
240 pages, 7 x 9
ISBN: 1-878739-00-X

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