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The C++ Video Course

The C++ Video Course is a comprehensive training course that teaches you how to program in C++ in the shortest time possible. Developed by training specialist Silicon River Ltd., the video course results from years of experience in teaching programmers how to take advantage of this powerful language.

You get 6 DVDs or VHS Tapes containing more than 12 hours of instruction, a workbook and sample programs on disk.

The C++ video course is very well structured, presenting the material in a logical progression that makes it easier to comprehend. Advanced display techniques are used throughout to make the discussion of language features interesting and clear.

The course is divided into units that are studied one at a time. For each unit, you first view the video presentation, then work through the corresponding exercises in the companion workbook. The programming exercises are designed to re-enforce the concepts presented in the video. After completing the exercises, you return to the video to view a brief workshop segment. The workshop is an interaction between instructor and students, reviewing the assignments just completed. This allows you to compare your experiences with those of other students taking the course. Including the time spent working through the exercises, most students are able to complete the course in approximately 60 hours.

Since C++ is an extension of the C language, it is recommended that you learn C before attempting to learn C++. The C Video Course prepares you for the C++ Video Course, which focuses exclusively on C++ specific language features and object- oriented concepts.

The C and C++ video courses are suitable for either home or office use. All you need is a TV and VCR to view the tapes. Of course you will need a computer and a C or C++ compiler to perform the exercises. Since both courses focus on standard language features, any standard C or C++ compiler may be used.

By itself, the C++ video course is very effective at teaching you C++. You can also use it in conjunction with the training that you might receive at a seminar or a local college. The videos provide a convenient way to review subjects that you may not completely understand. Companies interested in using the video courses to train several programmers at once should ask about our cost-effective corporate packs.

The videos are available on DVD or VHS Tape in NTSC (used in the USA, Canada, Japan etc) or PAL (used in most of Europe) formats. Please specify DVD or the correct format of VHS Tape when ordering.

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